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At Impact inventories we never lose sight of what matters to you, so you can be assured that the narrative and photographic support provides an accurate, fair, and reliable record that all parties will be happy to sign off on.

Inventory report
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An inventory report is a detailed list of the contents, fittings, and fixtures of a house, flat, or office that is being let. This includes everything from the decoration, windows, appliances to all the furnishings.

The report provides a clear concise snapshot of the property at the time of the inventory completion with high-quality digital photographs provided to support the report.

We are independent inventory specialists, so our reports are unbiased and stand up in a court of law when needed to be relied upon.

Check-in report
House Viewing

If a recent inventory report exists and there's no need to carry out a full new report, then the check-in report is the ideal solution.

A check-in report is prepared at the beginning of each new tenancy. This report should be carried out immediately before the new occupants move into the let property, where possible on the same day. In order to conduct a check, each item on the original inventory will be checked, it's presence/absence and condition noted. Keys and meters are also checked and the readings are recorded. The tenant will then sign the report to confirm its accuracy. Our Team produces photographic check-ins to support our reports. 

Inventory & Check-in
Family Real Estate

Our inventory expert will carry out the inventory report by listing all the contents, fittings, and fixtures of the property, then it will be followed by the check-in process.

The process starts where our expert welcomes the tenants, escort them around the property, and starts confirming that the property has no health and safety issues. Our expert will test all the alarms, appliances, keys, and will get the tenant's consent that the property is ready for them to move in.  


A check-out report is compiled at the end of the tenancy, once the tenants have moved out and prior to any cleaners, builders, etc entering the property. We compile a report that goes through the condition and contents of the property against the original inventory and check-in reports, whilst allowing for fair wear and tear. Meter readings will be gathered and the correct number of keys recorded. This report is also photographic.

We will add our recommendations and the responsibilities of each party in case of any damage to the property. This will be completely unbiased and depending solely on our expertise.

Get in touch now and we will send samples of any required report

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