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Acceptance of the services is deemed to be an acceptance of the Fees and these Terms and Conditions.


The Clerk means Impact inventories or the person or persons appointed by Impact inventories to inspect the Premises for the purpose of preparing the Inventory or carrying out the Check-in or Check-out procedure.


The Premises means the house, flat or other property, the contents of which are to be listed in the Inventory.


The Inventory means the list of the items at the Property to be prepared in accordance with the following Conditions.


1.    Upon acceptance of instructions, the Clerk will inspect or arrange the inspection of the Premises for the purpose of compiling the Inventory.


2.    The Inventory will be a list of furniture, fixtures, fittings, and household effects with a description of the state of decoration and condition of the interior and its effects at the Premises. Items are visually identified and not identified by its original manufactured name, the material used in the production, or the period produced.


3.    The Inventory does not purport to be a report for valuation purposes of the Premises and/or its contents, nor is it a guarantee of, or report of, the adequacy of, or safety of any equipment or contents, it is a listing that such items exist in the property and the superficial condition.


4.    The Inventory will be complied on the basis that unless stated, listed items are in good condition, free from obvious soiling that might constitute a dilapidation charge at the termination of the Tenancy of the Premises.


5.    The Inventory will state when any item of furniture and furnishings has been found to have a label stating that it complies with the Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulation 1988, as amended 1993 and it should not be assumed that other items not stated, comply with this regulation.


6.    Electrical items and appliances will be tested for power only unless the Clerk deems testing unsafe. Items must be complete with plugs, flexes, and bulbs unless otherwise specified.


7.    Floor coverings, rugs, and carpets will be inspected to the extent that they are sufficiently clean so that burns, stains, and other damage can be ascertained.


8.    Bed linen, towels, and other similar items will be inspected to the extent that they are freshly laundered and will be counted only and not inspected in great detail.


9.    Mattresses will be inspected where accessible and will not be should the bed be made up.


10. The Inventory preparation, Check-in or Check-out will be compiled by the Clerk assuming that the Clerk is able to do so without moving fixtures and fittings or large and heavy items of furniture that the Clerk is unable to or that which is considered fragile or unsafe to move.

11. The Inventory applies to items in the parts of the Premises that are readily accessible and excludes items in lofts, attics or cellars and such places considered by the Clerk to be unsafe.


12. Houseplants, garden plants, or garden livestock, e.g. fish in ponds, will not be included in the Inventory. Contents of garden sheds or garages other than garden tools will not be listed unless they are considered to be value in excess of £20 and the other items may be grouped.


13. Any additional charge may be applied when carrying out the Check-out procedure at the end of the Tenancy if any items have been moved to different rooms after the original Inventory was prepared.


14. Animals are not usually permitted in rented properties, but occasionally Landlords will give permission. They will expect any damage internal or external to be made good and any soft furnishings, which may need additional cleaning.


15. Blu-Tac, picture hooks/nails should not be used on the walls and any damage caused will incur additional charges from the Landlord.


16. At the termination of Tenancy receipts may be required for items that have been professionally cleaned.


17. It is the responsibility of the Landlord and the Tenant to agree on the accuracy of the Inventory and the Tenant should check all electrical appliances and report any defects to the Managing Agent.


18. The inspection of the property at Check-out is an inspection and not an exhaustive examination every item in the property and may not always discover items covered up, apparently unbroken or undamaged, or placed in such a way as to avoid discovery, or inadequately described in the Inventory. During the course of any work being carried out based on the comments made at the Check-out, further problems may be discovered. Also stains and marks on carpets and soft furnishings noted on the Report may be deemed by the cleaners to require professional cleaning. The Clerk accepts no liability for the further works found necessary to restore the property to the condition as at the start of the Tenancy.


19. If the Clerk is unable to obtain access to the Premises at the time agreed and the place agreed with the Instructor, or within a reasonable period of time thereafter, there will be no further obligation under the Terms of the Contract, save the entitlement to invoice the other party the proportion of the Fee that would have been payable had the instruction been completed.


20. Impact inventories shall be entitled to invoice the person or persons or company who has given the instruction. If the instructions to prepare the Inventory are given by a letting Agent, this contract is deemed to be made between Impact inventories and the letting Agent as principal and the invoice rendered to and payable by the letting Agent unless agreed in writing with Impact inventories. If the invoice has not been paid in full within 14 days of receipt then without prejudice to any other right or remedy of Impact inventories shall be entitled to charge interest on the amount unpaid at the rate of 1% above the base rate as set by HSBC on the date of the invoice, compounded weekly from the date of the invoice until payment is made in full.


21. Impact inventories reserves copyright and that no part of this document may be reproduced without written permission.


22.  In accordance with the regulations dated October 2015 smoke alarms and CO detectors are to be tested by the landlord on the first day of the tenancy. If smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are to be tested at time of check-in by the Inventory Clerk this test will be for POWER ONLY. The test button will be pressed until a sound is emitted. This information will be recorded on the inventory document, which will be signed by the tenant if present. This test does not certify that the alarm is in full or proper working order and that it will be working during the tenancy should any problem occur. Impact inventories will not be held liable for any damage or malfunction occurring during the testing process. The client will be informed of any alarms tested that appear to be without power.




This inventory/ check-in or check out report provides a fair and accurate record of the contents and conditions of the property throughout. It is no guarantee of the safety of any items or equipment listed.

It is the responsibility of the landlord and the tenant or the respective agent to agree between them the accuracy of this report.

The person preparing the inventory is not an expert in fabrics, woods, materials, antiques, paintings, exotic china, porcelain, electronics, imported items, or other unique articles, etc, nor a qualified Architect or Surveyor.

The inventory should not be used as an accurate description of each and every piece of furniture and equipment, or as a structural survey report.

Unless otherwise stated, it is accepted that any listed item is in good condition and free from any obvious defects. A significant defect is normally seen as damage, usage, or soiled which may constitute a discrepancy assessment upon the termination of the tenancy. A list of abbreviations is attached for your guidance.

Property left in lofts, cellars and locked rooms, which have not been included in the inventory, are the sole responsibility of the Landlord

The Fire and Safety Regulations regarding Furniture, Gas, Electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the Instructing Principal

Where the inventory notes “F.F.R. label seen” this should not be interpreted to mean the item complies with the “Furniture and Furnishings” (Fire)(Safety)(Amendments) 1993. It is a record that the item had a label described or similar to that detailed, in the “Guide to the Furniture and Furnishings” (Fire)(Safety) Regulations as published by Department of Trade and Industry, January 1997, (or subsequent edition), attached at the time the inventory was compiled. It is not a statement that the item can be considered to Comply with Regulations

Large or heavy items of furniture will not have been moved and therefore the condition of areas obstructed from view will not have been identified. We also reserve the right not to move or handle valuable items

Smoke detectors are the responsibility of the tenant to inspect both at the start and throughout the tenancy. Detectors will be listed but not tested


High-resolution photographs will be held on the system for a period of 3 months.

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